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27/6/12.....After 10 tortuous months Morvena is finally ready for action. There was a successful sea trial last Sunday and in some quite choppy seas Morvena performed perfectly. The first fish were caught by Ian who delighted in boating a few Mackerel and Pollock on the return trip from a cruise to Cape Clear Island. Morvena is now sitting on the mooring in Baltimore awaiting some action. TO CELEBRATE THIS LOOK OUT FOR A WEBSITE REDESIGN with the accent shifting to the exploits of Morvena and those aboard her.

17/6/12.....The great day has come. After more genine monsoon weather all week Morvena's new engine successfully underwent testing at Hegarty's Yard yesterday morning. The was a new problem in that a small hydraulic fluid leak was found on the remote steering system. But today she will steam down the river Ilen to her mooring at Baltimore ready to enter service as from tomorrow. After nearly 11 months we can finally go fishing!

5/6/12.....Flaming June has finally arrived, with enough rain to extinguish any flames that may occur. Morvena is still not flaming seaworthy, but things are progressing. The new (alternative) engine has been sourced, courtesy of a local island ferry company, semi fitted courtesy of our mechanic Pat and the skipper is fairly sober, courtesy of Arthur Guinness. There is the remote possibility that sea trials could occur this weekend. But no doubt a tsunami or earthquake will hit Baltimore, or maybe Ireland or England will win a match at the Euros. Either way something drastic is bound to occur to delay things. WATCH THIS SPACE.

22/5/12.....The news is not good. The heat exchanger is shot, knackered, fecked, useless. The pipe carrying the fresh (engine) water through the cooling sea water is corroded and leaking. It could be repaired but this would only be temporary. The leak has allowed sea water to enter and circulate around the engine, for how long and what damage has occured nobody can know. Therefore for the sake of reliability, which must be paramount, another engine needs to be sourced. Let the search commence!!!!

7/5/12.....After the bad news of finding out that there is water in the engine, tomorrow should be the day for more news. How the water gained entry remains a mystery. There has been a knock since delivery, which may or may not be related. When the cylinder head is taken off to expose the inner working of the engine the secret should be revealed. Fingers crossed that this isn't too serious.

9/4/12.....After a month of perfect weather, which Morvena spent holed up in the boatyard, things are once again progressing. The electrical work is nearly completed with just the solar panel to be fitted and a few small repairs and ajustments. The new computerised navigation system is installed and seems to be working. Hegarty's boatyard will complete the anti-fouling this week and hopefully Morvena will be back in the water by this time next week. Then sea trials and a few more ajustments and tweaks. LOOK OUT FISH!!!

10/10/11.....Finally the weather has relented and work has recommenced. During the gales 2 fenders deflated, allowing Morvena to rub unprotected against the pontoon. As a result a section of the rubbing strake has been damaged beyond repair and must now be replaced, to say nothing of Kevins paintwork! On a brighter note (Kevin's paintwork) the wheelhouse construction is finished and all that remains is to refit the roof, when this is done we will have a brand new wheelhouse throughout. Then work will begin on rewiring and installing the new electronics before sea trials and maybe a days fishing before Morvena comes out of the water for the winter.

24/9/11......Bad weather and now bad backs are still delaying progress, but a few things are being achieved. With the weather forecast looking a lot more friendly from Monday next week, a concerted effort is to be made to finish the wheelhouse. There are some new snaps to see on the Refit page within the Photos page.

11/9/11......The weather has not been co-operative. Howling gales and driving rain continue to hold up any progress. The wheelhouse has been dismantled and Dan has been working over and above the call of duty, trying to manufacture the new panels. The front is done and half of the starboard side. Kevin has been painting anything he can lay his hands on and is particularly proud of the refurbished nameplates and the deck. At the moment Morvena is sitting on her swing mooring waiting patiently for the force 8 gale to abate so she can be put on the pontoon and work can re-start. Jules and Mike haven't seen her for two weeks, withdrawl symptoms are truly set in.

23/8/11......Morvena has finally had her roof removed. Dan made the breakthrough about 5 minutes before the rain and storms hit early on this evening. Pictures will follow on the photos page soon. Work will be slow for the next few days as everyone has lots of things to do.

22/8/11.....After a morning spent purchasing and delivering materials, the work has begun. Dan has discovered that who ever put the wheelhouse together did not intend it to come apart very easily. After a moment or two to consider darkness fell and the pub beckoned. Further updates tomorrow.

21/8/11......JOURNEY'S END!!!!! Morvena docked in Baltimore at 20.00 after her marathon journey from Lochaline. She didn't miss a beat, she really is a grand boat Jules and Kevin with Nick and Donald had a great time on the last leg. with the customary escort of dolphins. The refit will begin tomorrow.

20/8/11......Morvena has made it to the Rebel County! After a day of confusion (Nick has lost his phone), she is mooring at Crosshaven this evening at 21:30. In the morning at 10.00 Kevin and Jules, kindly chauffeured by Mike, will join the crew for the final leg of the passage to Baltimore. There is much excitement in Tir Na Spideoga. The shore crew are ready to embark on her arrival at Baltimore. Dan will be armed with tape measures and hammers and Mike will be preparing a welcome banquet at Tir Na Spideoga for the intrepid heroes. Work will begin in earnest, on the wheelhouse first thing Monday morning.

19/8/11......Wind, rain, and pestilence have beset Morvena as she languishes in Dunmore East. There is some hope that conditions will ease in the morning. Nick and Donald are taking shelter in a few (many really) pubs. Jules and Kevin will drive to Morvena wherever she may be tomorrow, only because they are jealous of Nick and Donald and want to be in on the action.

17/8/11...... All is well and holed up for the night in Wexford. Tomorrow a big push for Dunmore East, around the corner and into the Atlantic. At least the pubs are still open :-)

16/8/11...... MORVENA reaches the REP OF IRELAND. She docked at 23:50 in Howth just north of Dublin, with everything running well. There was a major panic on board when the lads realised that they were too late for a pint of the Black Stuff! Hopefully they will make up for that tomorrow as they continue their epic journey south.

15/8/11......Ardglass reached on schedule after a good days cruise. Mobile phone signals are very dodgy. Maybe a late start tomorrow as the conditions may be a bit iffy, but any decision will not be taken until the morning.

14/8/11......MORVENA ARRIVES ON THE ISLAND OF IRELAND. At 1.30pm Morvena steamed into Ballycastle harbour after a 5 hour crossing in heavy weather from Port Ellen. Nick and Donald are happy as this was the last leg involving the crossing of open sea. The weather forecast does not look too bad until next weekend, so hopes are high. For the latest weather update at Morvena's current location check the gadget above.